Key competences

ENEX provides a full range of engineering services in construction of power plants, electric and heat system, from exploratory design and elaborating an investment proposal to putting the facilities into commercial operation.

Design of heat power plants, boiler plants, heat grids

  • Pre-design studies.
  • Developing working and tender documents.
  • Evaluation of design and pre-design documents, including issues related to the environmental protection.
  • All kinds of engineering studies.
  • Supervision and functions of the General Design Contractor.
  • Development of special sections of designs (environmental protection, environment impact assessment of a facility, prevention of emergency situations, etc.).

Design of electrical networks, substations

  • Design of distribution networks.
  • Design of electric power transmission lines and transformer substations 35-220 kV.
  • Design of autonomous and standby power supply sources (diesel and gas turbine power plants).
  • Development of Automated plant control system and Automated measurement system of commercial power accounting of power grid facilities of up to 110 kV.
  • Design of telecommunication facilities.
  • Development of repair-production base and repair-operation base of all types for power grid enterprises.
  • Design of development of schemes of electrical grids of up 110 kV.
  • Development of integrated programs for power supply to companies, farms and districts.
  • Engineering geodetic and geological surveys for engineering and construction of power facilities.

Design of hydropower facilities

  • Development of project documentation for each stage of design and construction of hydraulic structures.
  • Design of hydro-mechanical, mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Analysing and summarizing results of engineering-geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical surveys and studies.
  • Full cycle of survey and research works.
  • Development of design of control and measurement equipment for hydraulic structures.
  • Organizing and conducting condition monitoring of hydraulic facilities.
  • Preparation of safety declarations of hydraulic structures.

Start-Up and Commissioning, testing, putting into operation of power equipment, including:

  • The main heat and auxiliary equipment.
  • Electrical equipment.
  • Automated Systems of Management and Control.
  • Automated measurement system of commercial power accounting.
  • Remote control systems and communications.

EPC / EPCM Contractor, Customer’s Engineer, Customer’s Service, Customer’s Agent.

Functions of a provider of equipment on the “turnkey” basis from well-known international and domestic manufacturers, procurement and manufacturing of equipment and production of nonstandard equipment.

Functions of a professional organizer of competitive bidding for procurement of equipment and services.

Consulting services and analytical studies

  • Consulting in arranging financing investment of a project (choice of the optimal scheme/type of financing).
  • A request to borrow money.
  • Preparation of input data for the design, examination of technical proposals and design solutions.
  • Developing feasibility study, consulting on justification of investments, business planning, pricing and tariff setting on services of natural monopolies.
  • Development of expert opinions on calculation and justification of standards of specific fuel consumption for the supplied electric and thermal power as well as standards of fuel reserves creation.

Specialized competences

  • Automated plant control system.
  • Automated measurement system of commercial power accounting.
  • Telemechanics and emergency control system.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Metrology.
  • Energy audits and introduction of energy-efficient technologies.

The non-state expertise

Performing the non-state expertise of project documentation of capital construction and/or results of engineering research, provided for the preparation of a project document.