The company consists of the institutions responsible for electricity and heat generation (power plants, boiler heating plants and lines) — Rostovteploelectroproject (Rostov-on-Don), Scientific — Production Enterprise "YugORGRES" (Krasnodar), YuzVTI (Rostov-on-Don); and also institutions responsible for electrical networks and power supply of industrial enterprises, cities and towns — Yuzenergosetproject (Rostov-on-Don), Volgogradenergosetproject (Volgograd), Kubanenergoproject (Krasnodar), Rostovsetenergoproject (Rostov-on-Don). In November 2008, the Moscow branch was established.


The General Designer of power systems and electric grids above 110 kV in the Volgograd and Astrakhan power systems, a leading regional institute in design, start-up and commissioning of power systems and power grids in the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions.


The General Designer of lines and substations under 220 kV in the Krasnodar region and Adygeia Republic.

Moscow Branch

Specializes in designing, construction and installation, start-up and commissioning works in the power sector, engineering. Acts as the ‘Customer-Builder‘, ’Customer Engineer" or EPC-Contractor during construction of power plants, power supply facilities, boilers and heating systems, hydro power plants.


A leading design institute of electric grids construction of facilities under 110kV. The Institute has designed all electric power grids and substations 100-35-10 kV in the Rostov region and Kalmikia, development schemes of electric power grids 35-110 kV и 0,4-10 kV in the Rostov region, introduced telemechanics and Automated measurement system of commercial power accounting in RGES Donenergo.


The General Designer of heat power plants. A leading institute in the Russian power sector, which designs pulverized coal-fired plants, combined-cycle plants, boiler heating plants and lines.

Scientific-Production Enterprise YugORGRES

A leading specialized organization in commissioning, balancing and testing of heat power plants, hydro heat plants, nuclear power plants, electric and heat grids in Russia.


Scientific research, ecology, thermal-mechanic equipment modernization.


The General Designer of electric lines and substations 110—500 kV, a designer of the development strategy of the Northern Caucasian Unified Power System (UPS) and development scheme of the Dagestan Power System for 2009-2015 until 2020.