It is the general designer of thermal power plants, one of the leading institutes in the Russian energy production, which designs pulverized coal-fired plants, gas steam plants, heating plants and heating networks.

The Rostov Branch of the Teploelektroproect Institute was founded in 1946 by the order of the USSR Ministry of Power Plants on the basis of the Rostov Project Office of the Teploelektroproect Trust. Soon it became one of the leading design companies in the Soviet energy production.

In 1946-1950, 9 turbine plants with total capacity of 157.5 MW were restored and put into operation under the branch projects.

In the early 50s, the branch started designing new thermal power plants. The first major plant designed through Rostov Branch’s employees was Novocherkassk State District Power Plant. In total, there were 30 thermal power plants under construction and 74 turbine plants with total capacity of 1,923 MW put into operation under RoTEP’s projects in the period from 1950 to 1960.

74 turbine units with total capacity of 8,284 MW were put into operation at 20 power plants under RoTEP’s projects in the period from 1961 to 1970. The major plant designed in that period was Nevinnomyssk State District Power Plant.

In the 70s, the main launching construction of the branch was Stavropol State District Power Plant, Volgograd Combined Heat and Power Plant-3, Volzhskaya Combined Heat and Power Plant-2, Khabarovsk Combined Heat and Power Plant-3, and Astrakhan Combined Heat and Power Plant-2.

14 turbines plants with total capacity of 3,185 MW, including 800 MW unit at the Berezovskaya State District Power Plant-1, were put into operation under RoTEP’s projects in the period from 1981 to 1990.

In 1993, the branch was transformed into Research and Plan-Surveying Institute Rostovteploelektroproekt Open Joint Stock Company, which in 2004 became a part of Southern Centre of Power Engineering OJSC.

In total, during 60 years of its existence Rostovteploelektroproekt participated in the design of 67 power plants in the USSR territory and 9 power plants in the countries outside the former Soviet Union.