Scientific research, environment, and modernization of thermal and mechanical equipment.

The Research Institute YuzhVTI was created in 1990 in Rostov-on-Don, of the experts of the Southern Branch of All-Union Thermal Engineering Institute (Ukraine). In 2004, it became a branch of the Southern Centre of Power Engineering.

Main activities:

  • Development and implementation of new, environmentally friendly technologies and equipment for the use of fuel in power industry.
  • Ensuring of the environmental safety and economic efficiency of power equipment.
  • Development and implementation of new technologies for processing solid and liquid waste of power plants into mass-market products.
  • Addressing of the heat recovery problems, and the introduction of renewable energy sources.
  • Expertise of the project documentation of power facilities on the environment issues.
  • Environmental audit (the assessment of environmental safety and human impact of the enterprises and designed facilities on the environment, the assessment of the effectiveness of environmental protection measures, and the optimization of environmental payments).