The development of human capital is a basic value of ENEX. The company workforce comprises a close-knit team of professionals of over 1,500 workers, having the required knowledge and experience for achieving strategic aims in the engineering field. Being aware of the importance of the collective contribution into the successes of the organization, ENEX seeks to create for its employees all conditions for decent work and professional self-realization.

Major areas of work in the field of personnel policy:

  • Timely monitoring of the necessity to select and recruit workers.
  • Staffing of subdivisions with personnel of relevant professions, occupations and qualification.
  • Organization of the personnel reserve preparation taking into account strategic objectives, prediction of the personnel development state and prospects.
  • Involvement of highly qualified specialists with a potential of professional growth to work with the company.
  • Certification of employees with the aim to raise the labour efficiency of specialists and the responsibility of managers, as well as for provision of the most rational use of human resources.
  • Development and support of high level of the personnel loyalty.
  • Immediate resolution of problems at all stages of work with the staff.

Social program

The main social guarantees, furnished to the workers, are stated in the collective agreement. It includes provision to their workers of a social package, in which the following programs are its constituent part:

  • Mandatory and voluntary medical insurance, granting a right to the workers for partial compensation of health services at the medical institutions.
  • Subsidization of the health resort treatment for their workers, as well as a right for partial compensation of the tourist vouchers cost, bought by the employees.
  • Organization of recreation for the employees, including organization of guided and excursion tours.
  • Rendering material assistance to a worker at marriage, at childbirth, to jubilees, in case of death of a worker or his close relatives.
  • Provision of vouchers to summer camps for workers’ children, purchase of New Year gifts for their children (taking into account their age).
  • Encouragement of the employees when getting departmental awards.

Housing program

The program on improving living conditions of our young specialists is annually developed in our company; it includes a possibility of corporate assistance in improved housing when getting a real estate credit, as well as partial compensation for rent of a young specialist.

Training and academic development program

In order to support the high professional level and motivation of the workers, ENEX has a comprehensive personnel training system, oriented on raising qualification of the workers , as well as on acquiring knowledge and skills, allowing them to support high competitiveness at the labour market. This program includes a wide range of trends and is realized by forwarding the workers for training to external specialized organizations.

ENEX has a program on scientific potential development of young people. Within the framework of the annual scientific and technical conference of young specialists, the completion of reports on field-specific topics is held; its winners are awarded with valuable prizes.

Health program

With the aim of improving the health of its workers, ENEX offers them an opportunity to do physical exercises and to go in for sports, compensating their expenditures for recreative sports. There is a practice of holding intracorporate spartakiads, including within the framework of the annual scientific and technical conferences of young specialists.

Corporate culture

ENEX have heart-warming long-term traditions, based on principles of mutual respect and supportiveness. Holding cultural events, aimed at consolidation of a team spirit, in which workers of the company and members of their families take part, is an integral part of the corporate culture.

Concern for veterans

ENEX renders material support to pensioners — veterans of the Great Patriotic War to the Victory Day.